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The History Group is currently without a home, and the collection is being stored until we find new premises.


Next Meeting of our History Group will be Tuesday 1st October. Please note this meeting will be focusing on Gambarra - we would love you to bring along any information that you have.

Local History

 To descendants of Gambarra farmers 

I have long planned to write the history of Gambarra, a farming station north of Greenethorpe of c. 6000 acres. Robert Kinleside

Dempster was the station owner before it was subdivided in 1920 after World War I into 16 farms for Soldier Settlement. Apart from returned soldiers, Dempster insisted that former share
farmers or workmen on Gambarra should be allowed to buy a block. My father, George Davidson, was a returned soldier and our family grew up on Gambarra.

The first 16 settlers were: Robert B. Black; James Hermeston; Charles E.Chapple; Gerald B. Rygate; Henry J. Willis; Edward M. Harris; William W.O. KIng; Roy J. Brown; George Davidson; Walter H.
Bryer; Harold C. Rygate; Norman E. Butchart; Harry Hawkins; Albert J. McKellar; Donald K Crawford; Norman K Crawford. As the farms were too small to be viable in the longer term and as many had financial troubles, some blocks soon changed hands. This was aggravated by crashing prices during the Great Depression, when more farms were sold and gradually amalgamated.

In 2019 there are just three family names of those first settlers still farming on Gambarra: Brown, Bryer and Chapple.

Thanks to my niece, Elizabeth Watt, who works at the National Library in Canberra, I have the War records of the returned soldiers on Gambarra but I need help to record stories of your family and
others who have since lived on Gambarra, especially since 1920: their life stories, their children and involvement in Greenethorpe or other districts. My aim is to have it launched next Anzac
Day at Greenethorpe when, apart from printing costs, I would like to donate any profits from book sales towards the planned new War Memorial outside Greenethorpe Soldiers Memorial Hall,
especially as it was Mr R K Dempster who laid the foundation stone of the SM Hall in 1924.

Yours sincerely
(Mrs) Dorothy Balcomb (nee Davidson)
Tel: 02 63600618, Mob: 0408 418 101



 Greenethorpe Soldiers Memorial Hall